Our Services

SHORT-TERM LOANS:  Here at ONE ON ONE Commercial Lending L.L.C. we specialize in short-term loans that begin and end within a one-year period or less.  We work with our customers to create a payment plan that suits their needs best usually with monthly or weekly payments.

WHO WE SERVE:  We lend money to Commercial businesses ONLY in the Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware area.  Business owners in other states are taken through referrals from existing business clients only.

LOAN AMOUNTS:  Loans amounts begin at $10,000.00.  Our customers are given no limit to the amount they can borrow once we establish a business relationship.  We cater to the needs of our customers and their businesses and we work together to ensure a satisfying loan amount.

What makes us UNIQUE:  When banks are inconvenient and challenging to deal with, we offer a convenient and quick way to get your business funds.  Our One On One customer relationships develop easily with our clients.  Once we’ve established a good relationship we can get your business funds to you within hours of your request.  This One On One customer service is what sets us apart from other lenders.  No more hassles, long lines, wait times, or confusing paperwork!  Just give us a call and speak directly to a Loan Consultant so that we can meet your needs.